The Third Man: Life at the Heart of New Labour

EP 40(2nd series)
Press TV, Epilogue: The Third Man
Host: Derek Conway
1- Michael Brown
Political Columnist

2- David Hencke
Political Editor

I’m Derek Conway and I hope you’ll join me for this week’s Epilogue – PressTV’s book show, when I’ll be reviewing “The Third Man: Life at the Heart of New Labour”, Lord Peter Mandelson’s autobiography and an expose of Prime Minister Blair’s inner circle.

I’ve known the author for over twenty-five years and when he wishes to be, or when it suits his purpose, he is very charming…..but beneath that veneer of affability lurks a personality given to intrigue, plotting and treachery.

Was Blair a competent leader or a spot-light seeking lightweight; enthralled by Bush and American evangelical ambitions– join me on Epilogue and we’ll see if Mandelson’s revelations help us understand just how the most disastrous British government in recent memory came to be.


One response to “The Third Man: Life at the Heart of New Labour


    The under-listed are certain features or attributes considered necessary of a developed policy which includes :- Structural differentiation and Specificity of functions, widespread citizen participation in the political process , and an enhanced adaptive capacity of leadership excellence and the most unbiased ethnocentric pride of the entire system.Richard Rose contends that ” political systems are part and parcel of particular social systems ” and Arthur Klinghoffer holds that ” although the move to modernize is universal, cultural uniqueness is not obliterate, whatever happens is integrally related to the existing local context ” Dudley argues that :- political order (must be seen )as a condition where there is ‘ congruence ‘ between the constitutive and regulative rules of the system such that changes within the action -set,either in terms of the realignment of forces in the set or in its configuration can be made to follow from and conform with the regulative rules of the system . Congruence is much more likely to be achieved where the rules have been autochthonously evolved and unlikely where they have not ” J.S.Coleman therefore summarized that :- ” the political development process ( should ) be seen as an interminable contrapuntal interplay among the processes of differentiation,the imperatives of equality and the integrative adaptive capacity of a political system.
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