All the reviewed books:

1 Igor Toronyi-Lalic May-07 State of Denial’ by Bob Woodward Johann Hari & Douglas Murray
3 Igor Toronyi-Lalic 04/06/2007 Palestine Peace Not Apartheid’ Riazat Butt, the editor of Islamophonic on the Guardian website], and Dr Anthony McRoy,
4 Igor Toronyi-Lalic 04/07/2007 Hillary Clinton: Her Way’ Zoe Williams (Guardian columnist) and Harry Mount (Former Washington Correspondent for The Telegraph)
6 Igor Toronyi-Lalic 18/07/2007 ‘THE BLAIR YEARS’ by Alastair Campbell ED WEST
7 Igor Toronyi-Lalic 01/08/2007 Imperial Life in the Emerald City: Inside Baghdad’s Green Zone’ (Hardcover) by Rajiv Chandrasekaran Christina Patterson, Independent
8 Igor Toronyi-Lalic 06/08/2007 SARKOZY’S ‘TESTIMONY’ FRANCIS BECKETT
9 Igor Toronyi-Lalic 08/08/2007 Harry Potter’ Omar Ali Grant & Imogen Russell-Williams
10 Igor Toronyi-Lalic 13/08/2007 ‘THE SHIA REVIVAL’ by Vali Nasr DR AZZAM TAMIMI & SHUSHA GUPPY
11 Igor Toronyi-Lalic 15/08/2007 The Inheritance of Loss’ by Kiran Desai Imran Ahmad & David Robson
12 Igor Toronyi-Lalic 20/08/2007 ‘LONDONISTAN: How Britain Is Creating a Terror State Within’ by MELANIE PHILLIPS  Riazat Butt, Ruth Dudley-Edwards
13 Igor Toronyi-Lalic 22/08/2007 ‘BLACK SWAN’ by Nassim Taleb ED WEST
15 Martin Short 02/09/2007 Married to Another Man’. Author is Ghada Karmi Ghada Karmi Trevor Mostyn,Maher Osman
16 Martin Short 06/09/2007 ‘Voice of Hezbollah’, the statements of Hassan Nasrallah’, Nicholas Noe. Fatima el Issawi  Tim Llewellyn
17 Martin Short 10/09/2007 Lebanese Imprints On The Twentieth Century’ Asma Freiha and Viviane Ghanem
18 Martin Short 12/09/2007 Ali Allawi  ‘The Occupation of Iraq – Winning the War, Losing the Peace’ Dr Ali Allawi , Patrick Cockburn, Jonathan Foreman
19 Martin Short 17/09/2007 Mearsheimer & Walt – The Israel Lobby & US Foreign Policy. Paul Usiskin Shelby Tucker Hovhanness Pilikian
20 Martin Short 19/09/2007 The Yacoubian Building by Egyptian author Alaa el-Aswany Sabry Hafez, Ms Nadje Al-Ali, Ms Mitzi Angel
21 Martin Short 24/10/2007 MURDER IN SAMARKAND Craig Murray and Bruce Whitehead
22 Martin Short 26/09/2007 Soldier by General Sir Mike Jackson Alistair Beaton, Colonel Bob Stewart,
23 Martin Short 01/10/2007 ‘Targeting Iran’ edited by David Barsamian David Barsamian, Tim Llewellyn, Pirouz Mojtahed-Zadeh.
26 Martin Short 10/10/2007 The Guantanamo Files Andy Worthington (author)
27 Martin Short 15/10/2007 Zion’s Christian Soldiers?’ by Stephen Sizer Stephen Sizer, Sami Joseph
28 Martin Short 17/10/2007 Hamas – Unwritten Chapters’ by Azzam Tamimi  Azzam Tamimi, Moussa Karam
29 Martin Short 22/10/2007 Algeria – Anger of the Dispossessed Michael Evans, Phil Rees, Mohamed Zitout,
30 Martin Short 24/10/2007 The Chavez Code By Eva Golinger Alan Woods, Greg Wilpert Alexsander Boyd Richard Gott 
31 Martin Short 29/10/2007 ‘Rogue State’ by William Blum   William Blum, Tim Llewellyn, Philip Agee
32 Martin Short 31/10/2007 “Considering War with Iran” Jubin Motamed
33 Martin Short 05/11/2007 Afghan Women, by Dr Elaheh Rostami Povey Dr Elaheh Rostami Povey, Shahbibi Shah, Angela Schlenkhoff 
34 Martin Short 07/11/2007 “Palestine: A Personal History” by Karl Sabbagh Karl Sabbagh, Ghada Karmi
35 Martin Short 12/11/2007 ‘Ghost Plane’ by Stephen Grey Stephen Grey Andy Worthington, Martin Mubanga 
36 Martin Short 14/11/2007 “Iraqi Women – Untold Stories from 1948 to the Present” by Nadje Sadig Al-Ali Ms Nadje Sadig al-Ali, Ms Mubejel Baban
37 Martin Short 19/11/2007 The Political Economy of Narcotics BY JULIA BUXTON Julia Buxton Paul Burton Harry Shapiro
38 Martin Short 21/11/2007 Foreign Agents’ –Grant Smith GRANT SMITH, TIM LLEWELLYN
39 Martin Short 26/11/2007  ‘Out of the Energy Labyrinth’ by David Howell and Carole Nakhle  Lord David Howell and Dr Carole Nakhle
40 Martin Short 12/3/2007 Oil Crusades – SHOW CANCELLED due to satellite problem  Mr Zalloum, via satellite in Amman
41 Martin Short 03/12/2007 Military Inc. by Ayesha Siddiqa AYESHA SIDDIQA MOHAMMED ZIAUDDIN, AAMIR GHAURI, AKI NAWAS
42 Martin Short 05/12/2007 ‘Things Fall Apart – an Iraqi Civil War’ by Daniel Byman & Kenneth Pollack. PROFESSOR KATHLEEN BURK DR JAMES BOYS, JAMES DENSELOW
43 Martin Short 10/12/2007 The Iran Agenda’ by Reese Erlich. Reese Erlich Katharine Gun
44 Martin Short 12/12/2007 Killing Civilians – Method Madness and Morality in War” by Hugo Slim Dr Hugo Slim  Dr Jenny Kuper
45 Martin Short 17/12/2007 The Bible and Zionism ” by Nur Masalha. Dr Nur Masalha. Stephen Sizer, Martin Goldsmith
46 Martin Short 19/12/2007 Lion of Jordan By Avi Shlaim The author Avi Shlaim, Maher Osman
47 Martin Short 21/11/2007 Christmas sellers  Andy Worthington Jonathan Foreman:  Abe Hayeem:
48 Martin Short 05/12/2007 ‘End of Year Special’ On ‘Engaged’ or Political Fiction, particularly Arabic fiction in translation SAMIR EL-YOUSSEF MALU HALASA
49 Martin Short 12/12/2007 the future of publishing companies – non fiction, middle east companies DR. ROGER VAN ZWANENBERG, MICHAEL J. DWYER, LARA FRANKENA,
50 Martin Short 19/12/2007 Squaddie: A Soldier’s Story by Steven McLaughlin Steve McLaughlin, Dilip Hiro, Rod Thornton,
51 Michael Dobbs 19/12/2007 The Triumph of the Political Class –Peter Oborne Michael Brown, Bruce Anderson
52 Martin Short 09/01/2008 Ethical Realism: A Vision for America’s Role in the World Anatol Lieven Dr James Boys
53 Michael Dobbs 14/01/2008 Blair Unbound by Anthony Seldon Prof. John Ramsden,Julia Hartley-Brewer
54 Martin Short 16/01/2008 The Messenger – The Meanings of the Life of Muhammad Dr Tariq Ramadan
55 Michael Dobbs 21/01/2008 Sacred Causes by Michael Burleigh Ian Dale, Jeremy Black
56 Martin Short 23/01/2008 ‘In the Country of Men’, by Hisham Matar Samir El-Youssef, Maya Jaggi
57 Michael Dobbs 28/01/2008 A Woman in Charge: The Life of Hillary Rodham Clinton  Dr George Lambrakis, Dr James Boys
58 Martin Short 30/01/2008 Defeat: Why They Lost Iraq’ by Jonathan Steele  Jonathan Steele, Oliver Miles, Oliver Kamm
59 Michael Dobbs 04/02/2008 Parliament of Man by Paul Kennedy Lord Hannay, John Rentoul
60 Martin Short 06/02/2008 City of Widows – An Iraqi Woman’s Account of War and Resistance Haifa Zangana, Sana Al-Khayyat, David.Wilson
61 Michael Dobbs 11/02/2008 American Prometheus: J. Robert Oppenheimer By Kai Bird, Martin J. Sherwin Dr James Acton Dr Bill Park
63 Martin Short 20/02/2008 Playing Cards in Cairo’ By Hugh Miles Malal Halasa, Dina-Al Shafie, Hugo-Miles
64 Martin Short 27/02/2008   Maher Othman,Stephen Sherbourne, Alan Nunro
65 Martin Short 05/03/2008 Flat earth News’ By Nick Davies Nick Davies, Michael Gillard
66 Martin Short 12/03/2008 Suez: Britain’s End of Empire in the Middle East’ By Keith Kyle Wafiq Moustafa, James Spicer, Anthony Howard
67 Martin Short 19/03/2008   Pirouz Mojtahebzadeh, Stephanie cronin
68 Martin Short 26/03/2008 Power and Profit The Merchant in Medieval Europe’ By Peter Spufford; ‘Child 44’ By Tom Rob Smith and ‘Leo the African’ By Amin Maalouf Maher Othman, David Boyle, Suzanne Dabonau
69 Martin Short 02/04/2008 The Great Arab Conquests’ By hugh Kennedy Samir-El-Yousef, Hugh Kennedy
70 Michael Dobbs 08/04/2008 The State of Africa’ By Martin Meredith Martin Meredith, Meera Selva, ebere Nzewuji
71 Michael Dobbs 16/04/2008 The Bookseller of Kabul’ By Asne Seierstad Jalal Saeed, Sarah Griswood
72 Martin Short 23/04/2008   Hovhanness Pilikian, fariedun Hilmi
73 Michael Dobbs 30/04/2008 The Kurdish and Armenian Genocides’ By Desmond Fernandes Kerry Brown, Isabel Hilton 
74 Martin Short 07/05/2008 What Does China Think’ By Mark Leonard  Tim Jeal, Vincent Magonbe
75 Martin Short 14/05/2008 Gideon Spies’ By Gordon Thomas Gidean Spies, Dilip Hiro, Adel Darwish
76 Martin Short 21/05/2008 War on Terror, Inc.’ By Solomon Hughes Omar Waraich
77 Martin Short 28/05/2008 The Shock Doctrine’ By Naomi Klein Shock Doctrine, Naomi Klein/ Ewa Jasiewicz, Vioncent Magonbe
78 Martin Short 04/06/2008 The Return of History and the end of Dreams’ By Robert Kagan Robert Laurence, Fox Laurence, Joffe William podmore
79 James Whale 11/06/2008 The Fall of the House of Bush’ By Craig Unger Derek Conway, Andrew Berad Stock
80 Martin Short 18/06/2008 Empire and Superempire; Britain, America and the World’ By Bernard Porter Kathleen Burk, Bernard Poter
81 James Whale 25/06/2008 Political Hypocrisy’ By David Runciman Lembit Opik, bob stewart
82 Martin Short 02/07/2008 The Strange Death of David Kelly’ By Norman Baker Robert Fox, Norman Oaker
83 Martin Short 09/07/2008 What Happened; Inside the Bush House and Washington’s Culture of Deception’ -mcClellan Charlie Wolk, Chris Nineham
84 Bob Stewart 16/07/2008 Compilicity with Evil’ -Adam Lebor David Niblock, Ed Vuilliany
85 James Whale 23/07/2008 War PLC’ -Stephen Armstrong  Stephen Armstrong, Annie machen
86 Martin Short 30/07/2008 American Power; and the Prospects for International Order’ -Simon Bromley Jeremy Ames, Caroline Flynn Macleod
87 James Whale 06/08/2008 America’s Mid-Life Crisis; By Gary Weaver Chris Bambery, Tom rivers
88 Bob Stewart 13/08/2008 My Guantanamo Diary’ -By Mahvish Rukhsana Khan Aliya Magnul, chris Bellany
89 Derek Conway 20/08/2008 The Way of the World; The story of truth and hope in an age of extremism’ -Ron Suskind Glenmore Trenear Harvey, Michael Brown 
90 Bob Stewart 27/08/2008 One Blood’ -Inside Britain’s NewStreet Gangs -John Heale Don Collins, Graham Rafael
91 Derek Conway 03/09/2008 The Prosecution of Bush for Murder’ By Vincent Bugliosi Paul Goodman, Keith Simpson
92 Hugo De Burgh 10/09/2008 An Appeal to Reason- A cool look at global warming’ by Nigel Lawson Alex kirby, Austin Williams
93 Derek Conway 17/09/2008 Inside Egypt’ By John Bradley Andrew Mitchell, Iain Dale
94 Derek Conway 24/09/2008 The War Within’ By Bob Woodward Nigel Evans, Lord Anderson
95 Hugo De Burgh 01/10/2008 Charm Offensive; How China’s Soft Power is Transforming the World’- By Joshua Kurlantzick Tao Wang, Kerry Brown
96 Derek Conway 08/10/2008 “Sacred Causes” By Micheal Burleigh  crispin Blunt, Roger Gale
97 Hugo De Burgh 15/10/2008 William Overholt : ASIA AMERICA AND THE TRANSFORMATION OF GEOPOLITICS’ Prof. Stephen Chan, Dr. Swenson Wright
98 Derek Conway 22/10/2008 Angler: The Shadow Presidency of Dick Cheney’ Richard Ottaway, David hencke
99 Hugo De Burgh 29/10/2008 The Devil We Know- Dealing With the New Iranian Superpower’- By Robert Baer Sir Richard Dalton, Dr. Kerry Brown
100 Derek Conway 05/11/2008 Al Qaeda; What it means to be Modern’- By John Gray Geoffrey Clifton, MP Andrew Rosindell 
101 Derek Conway 12/11/2008 A Quiet Revolution: The First Palestinian Intifada and Nonviolent resistance’ By Dr. King Geremy Carbyn, David Davis
102 Hugo De Burgh 19/11/2008 Can We Trust The BBC’ By Robin Aitken Robin Aitken, Ivor Gaber
103 Derek Conway 26/11/2008 The American Future: A History’ By Simon Schama Roger Knapman MEP, Simon Burns MP
104 Hugo De Burgh 03/12/2008 The Return of History, and the End of Dreams’ By: Robert Kagan  
105 Derek Conway 10/12/2008 The New Cold War-How the Kremlin Menaces Both Russia and the West.” By Edward Lucas  ,Mark  Pritchand, Andrew Wilson
106 Hugo De Burgh 17/12/2008 ‘Dubai: The Vulnerability of Success’ by Christopher Davidson  
107 Derek Conway 24/12/2008 The RussianDairy. By Anna Polikovakaya, Tom young , Jonathan Isaby  Christopher M. Davidson, Zeger Degraeve, Patrick Nicholls
108 Hugo De Burgh 31/12/2008 China’s Democratic Future: How It Will Happen and Where It Will Lead’ By Bruce Gilley Jonathan Fenby, Sun Yushan
109 Derek Conway 14/01/2008 Barack Obama The Audacity  of Hope: By  Barack Obama, Diane Abbots, Peter Oborne  
110 Hugo De Burgh 21/01/2008 Palestine and the Palestinians: A social and political history By K. Farsoun and Naseer Aruri. Laura Hutschings, John Austin  
111 Hugo De Burgh 28/01/2008  The Shock Doctrine, by Naomi Klein, Matthew Sinclair, Jeremy Corbyn  
112 Derek Conway 04/02/2009  The Poiltical Ideology of Hamas- A grassroots Perspective by  Michael Irving Jensen, Hani Albasoos, Derek Wyatt  
113 Hugo De Burgh 11/02/2009 What kind of liberation : Women And the  Occupation of Iraq By Nadje Al-Ali, Felicity Aruthnot, Mary Kaldor   
114 Hugo De Burgh 18/02/2009 War Since 1990 By Jeremy Black : aidan Hehir , Richard D North  
115 Derek Conway 25/02/2009 Resistance: The Essence of the Islamist Revolution , Alastair Crooke,  David Leigh, Daud Abdullah  
116 Hugo De Burgh 04/03/2009 Bomb Book and Compass By Simon Winchester: Chris Hughes, Alistair Michie  
117 Hugo De Burgh 11/03/2009 A Good Childhood by Richard Layard and Judy Dunn : Helen Gudberg, Shirley Dent  
118 Derek Conway 18/03/2009 The Least worst Place : How Guantanamo became the World’s Most Notorious Prison – By Karen Greenberg , Lord Foulkes Daniel Gorevan  
119 Derek Conway 25/03/2009 Obama Does Globalistan, By Pepe Escobar, Frank Cook , Ben Wallance  
120 Derek Conway 01/04/2009 The weight of the Mustard Seed By Wendell Steavenson, John Robertson , Graham Brady  
121 Derek Conway 08/04/2009 Sowing Crisis By Rashid Khalidi, Alan Hart, Michael Brown  
122 Derek Conway 15/04/2009 The Bin Ladens:Oil money, Terrorism & the Secrets Saudi World, By Steven Coll, Sarah Mackindly , Sir Perer Heap  
123 Derek Conway 20/04/2009 Envoys to the Arab World , By Paul Tempest, Oliver Miles, Philip Knightly  
124 Hugo De Burgh 22/04/2009 The White Tiger,Araun Verma, Diane Abbots, Nitasha Kaul  
125 Hugo De Burgh 13/04/2009 The Why Democracies Need an Unlovable Press/Schudson- Ivor Gaber, David Crounch Butler
126 Hugo De Burgh 20/04/2009            The Great Financial Crisis by John Bellamy Foster and Fred Magdoff, Dr Eamonn Butler, Nigel Griffiths MP  
127 Derek Conway 20/05/2009 Wars, Guns & Votes: Democracy in Dangerous Places by  Paul Collier.  
128 Hugo De Burgh 27/05/2009 The Chinese Communist Party: Atrophy and Adaptation,  David Shambaugh  
1 Derek Conway 02/11/2009 The Political Liberalization in the Persian Gulf: by Joshua Teitelbaum Prof. Naufel Vilcassim, Hugo Swire MP
2 Derek Conway 09/11/2009 Zionism – The Real Enemy of the Jews Volume 1: Alan Hart Alan Hart, Prof. Geoffrey Alderman
3 Derek Conway 09/11/2009 Zionism – The Real Enemy of the Jews Volume 2: Alan Hart Alan Hart, Eric Lee
4 Ken Livingstone 16/11/2009 In the Graveyard of Empires: Seth G. Jones Dr Antonio Giustozzi, George Lambrakis
5 Derek Conway 23/11/2009 The 33-Day War: Israel’s War On Hezbollah In Lebanon And Its Aftermath: Gilbert Achcar with Michel Warschawski Dr Michael Kerr, Toufic Machnouk, Andy Love MP
6 Ken Livingstone 30/11/2009 The Assault on Liberty- What Went Wrong With Rights: Dominic Raab’s  Alex Deane,Rodney Austin
7 Derek Conway 07/12/2009 A Suitable Enemy: Racism, Migration and Islamophobia in Europe: Liz Fekete Afua Hirch, Baroness Perry of Southwark 
8 Ken Livingstone 14/12/2009 Zionist Israel and Apartheid South Africa’ – Civil society and peace building in ethnic-national states by Amneh Daoub Badran Victor Kattan,Keith Fraser
9 Derek Conway 21/12/2009 Web of Deceit- Britain’s Real role in the World by Mark Curtis. Lord Anderson, Richard Ottaway MP
10 Derek Conway 21/12/2009 Unpeople by Mark Curtis Glenmore Trenear-Harvey, David Hencke 
11 Derek Conway 11/01/2010 Torture Team: Philippe Sands Brock Chisholm, Dr. Saladin Meckled-Garcia, Phillipe Sands
12 Ken Livingstone 18/01/2010 Israel and the Clash of Civilisations: Jonathan Cook Dr. Ang Swee Chai, Dr. Rodwan Abouharb
13 Derek Conway 26/01/2010 The British War on Terror: Steve Hewitt David Davis MP, Asim Qureshi (Cage Prisoners) 
14 Ken Livingstone 02/02/2010 What Price Liberty? By Ben Wilson Jane Ridley( Academic), Alex Stevenson (
15 Derek Conway 09/02/2010 Getting Our Way? By Christopher Meyer Sir Peter Heap (former ambassador), Timur Moon (journo)
16 Ken Livingstone 16/02/2010 Rotten State of Britain tbc
17 Derek Conway      
18 Ken Livingstone      
19 Derek Conway      

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